Judy Simmons Retires

Laurens, SC – On March 10, 2021, residents of Laurelwood Apartments and several CMI employees gathered together for a Retirement Parade to honor Judy Simmons who retired in November 2020.

Judy joined our BMI/CMI family on August 4, 1998, and was the manager at Laurelwood Apartments for 22 years.  Laurelwood Apartments is one of only a few USDA RD Congregate Care sites in SC.  In addition to being a designated Elderly site, Laurelwood has many other requirements that include offering a meal each day and providing regularly scheduled social activities. They also have unique amenities such as a dining room, two kitchens, a beauty salon, and four laundry facilities.

As manager of Laurelwood, Judy was patient and kind to all of her residents and is dearly loved.  She always maintained excellent paperwork and was deeply involved in her property’s annual budget and needs.

Judy demonstrated her care and work ethic hundreds of times over the last 22 years. Prophetically, Judy noted on 1998 original employment application:  “I am a very hard worker and give any job my 100%.  I enjoy meeting new people and helping them.”

In addition to being a wonderful manager, Judy frequently travelled and helped where needed at other properties.  Judy provided invaluable assistance with new lease-ups, helped managers with First Year Rehab files, and was a temporary manager when needed.  Senior Regional Manager Janet Stanley said, “We jokingly called Judy ‘the energizer bunny’ because wherever she helped and was given a task, she quickly and accurately completed that task, and was ready for the next one.”

Judy is much loved by her co-workers and, while we will deeply miss her, we wish her all the best in this next season of her life!